Aaron "The Bearded"


By Cole Matheny
Feb 22, 2015

With the legalization of cannabis, old school growers are having to embrace new growing techniques to handle the new industrial demand.  In a short time, pot has gone from the basement growroom to large scale commercial grows.  

Colorado Weed Co Approved

The most successful growers are finding ways to mesh the old and the new - keeping up with demand without sacrificing quality.  One of these growers is Aaron "The Bearded".

Aaron "the Bearded" is currently a lead grower for Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo which is emerging as a leader in the new cannabis industry.  With a Masters Degree in horticulture from the University of Colorado Boulder and 8 years of growing experience, Aaron is the perfect combination of old and new.  As a former underground grower he has the intimate knowledge of the small grow.  As a horticulturalist, he brings the skills and knowledge of modern technology required for the big commercial grow.

The Bearded one's favorite strain isn't some new hybrid.  Rather, true to his old school roots his favorite strain to grow is Mazar-i-Sharif.  Named after its Afghanistan region of origin, this strain is one of the twenty original landrace Indicas.  A pure Afghani Indica with a 18.2 THC level and 0.67% CBD level make it perfect for either medicinal or recreational.  Many cutting edge growers are increasingly cultivating these indigenous strains.  The unadulterated genetics provide higher yields and supple, dense buds.

 A staunch supporter of medicinal cannabis, he says the pharmaceutical industry is negligent in not pursuing natural alternatives.  "Being a veteran, I've seen buddies go through the whole opiate thing.  They tried to get me to go that route - it's so life draining.  When you switch over to cannabis from the heavy opiates and let them do what they are supposed to - you really cant put a price on it."