Green Grass - Central City


Nestled in the Mountains of Colorado around the former mining and current gambling towns of Central City and Blackhawk there is a hidden gem jutting out from the mountain side.  Green Grass dispensary is a duel licensed facility, owned and operated by Brandon Cowhey along with head grower and brother Preston Cowhey.  Green Grass has been in business since 2009, first as a medicinal shop and now as recreational and medicinal shop.

Brothers Cowhey

Experience in the landscaping and plant nursery business gave brothers Brandon and Preston an easy transition into the new cannabis industry.  Preston's growing talent had previously been honed with closet grows.

The log cabin look of the Green Grass Dispensary blends into the rustic mountain town atmosphere.  Brandon visited over 15 dispensaries while developing the style for the business.  When you walk in, the theme carries over, but don't let the laid back lodge atmosphere fool you.  

Green Grass carries some of the finest cannabis in all of Colorado, and is the home of the award winning Lucky Charms and Girl Scout Cookie.  These two indica dominant strains are well worth the CWC seal of approval.  Not willing to trust outside growers, 100% of their product is grown in house.  The brothers choose to sacrifice yield size for quality, making Green Grass a go-to spot for premium cannabis.  

As a big fan of the medicinal side of the cannabis industry, Brandon believes growing strains high in CBD levels would be most beneficial to cancer patients.  He also promotes cannabis as an excellent alternative to opiate based pain therapy.  Relaxing recreational laws allows users to try cannabis remedies before applying for medicinal licenses.  Brandon also notes the recreational side has been extremely beneficial for our ex military who cannot get medical cards through the V.A. - giving  PTSD patients access to strains that are beneficial to them.

Green Grass

One of the biggest obstacles to doing business is banking, a complaint we have heard before.  Brandon hopes the regulations imposed on the cannabis industry will change soon.  

The next time your in Cripple Creek/Blackhawk area to gamble or just to see the sites, stop into Green Grass dispensary and treat yourself to a real quality Rocky Mountain High.  Bon Fumee!


Green Grass
440 Lawrence Street
Central City, CO 80427