Green Man Cannabis - On the Front Line of the Emerging Market of Marijuana


Lately, Green Man Cannabis awards are piling up faster than Greek debt.  The list is impressive:

2015 High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Place Colorado Sativa – Ghost Train Haze
2015 High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Place Colorado Indica – Louie XIII

2015 Colorado Rooster Cup Grand Champion – Star Killer
2015 Colorado Rooster Cup 1st Place Hybrid – Star Killer
2015 Colorado Rooster Cup 1st Place Sativa – Ghost Train Haze

2014 High Times Cannabis Cup - Best Sativa 1st Place - Ghost Train Haze
The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2014
Medical Sativa – 1st Place - Ghost Train Haze
Medical Indica – 1st Place - Hell’s OG Kush
Medical Hybrid – 1st Place - Star Killer

Not to mention the pounds of silver and bronze medals they have acquired.  After seeing their menus (which, by the way, are updated frequently on their website) you know right away Green Man is all about quality.  Headband and Blue Dream are a couple CWC has featured for our Nug of the Day.  We frequent Green Man's two locations and find their product top-notch, the staff pleasant and knowledgeable.

Owner Christian Hageseth spent 20 entrepreneurial years in finance, real-estate, and even started and sold ice cream parlors.  Then 2008 struck, and business was not so good.  At the prompting of a friend who was familiar with the industry, he decided to jump in.  Since launching in 2009, Christian has been a leader, and Green Man has become a force in the cannabis business.  Plans for a $22 million 'weedery' (with 2,500-seat outdoor amphitheater), a new TV show, and a best selling book give you a sense of how Colorado's new economy is being forged.

Not knowing anything about growing, he immediately started looking for growers through Craig's List.  If stereotypes mean anything, he does not look the part.  At 6' 4", clean cut, and well dressed, interviewees expecting a bearded hippy with spectacles and a peace sign were wondering if they were being set up by a DEA agent.  
Christian recognized that in order to make a mark, quality would have to be the focus.  Experience as a grower was necessary, but was not a sufficient.  Green Man sought out growers with a genuine love and passion for the plant.  Indeed, he attributes much of Green Man's success to head grower Corey Buffkin.  
Eventually he found his growers, but during the process, an interview with a recent parolee made him reflect. 
"Here's a guy who just got out for doing what I'm gonna do legally."  Since then he's been at least as much of an advocate as a businessman.  
"Feds need to right the wrongs of the past"  he said stressing the injustices inflicted by authoritarians who knew damn well the medicinal benefits while maintaining marijuana's illegal status.

He tells numerous life changing stories related to medical marijuana.  Including his mother's boyfriend with kidney cancer who used it to keep his appetite up during chemo.  Or the time his father conspired to smuggle cannabis oil treatments for a child who suffered from epileptic seizures - the kid is seizure free now.   The positive impacts of legalization aren't limited to medical success stories - with the first $40 million of taxes going to education, Christian is proud to contribute to the funds that built a new school his daughter attends.  
Oh, and did we mention his book 'Big Weed: An Entrepreneur's High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business'?  It's one of Amazon's Best Books of the Year So Far in 2015:
Visit Green Man Cannabis at one of their two Denver dispensaries:
1355 Santa Fe Drive, Suite F 
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 842-4842

7289 E Hampden Ave 
Denver, CO 80224