Legalization Grades for the 2016 Presidential Candidates


How do we grade them on legalization?  Not good, but some bright spots. And of course Chris Christie gets and F-! 

Here's a great site for finding a politician's stance on the issues:



Joe Biden - F
Marijuana is a gateway drug; legalization is a mistake. (Dec 2010)

Jeb Bush - F
No medical marijuana; it's just a guise toward legalization

Ben Carson - C
Marijuana for medical use, but not for recreational use.

Chris Christie - F-
Blocked implementation of medical marijuana laws.

Hillary Clinton - C
Medical marijuana now; wait-and-see on recreational pot.

Ted Cruz - B
Lower minimums and mandatory sentencing for drugs.

Carly Fiorina - C
"But I think Colorado voters made a choice, I don’t support their choice, but I do support their right to make that choice.”

Mike Huckabee - D
Drug education fails; drug punishment works.

Martin O`Malley - C
Let Colorado experiment with legalization, not Maryland

Rand Paul - A
End hypocrisy and over-criminalization of marijuana.

Marco Rubio F
There is no responsible way to recreationally use marijuana.

Donald Trump - A
Legalize drugs and use tax revenue to fund drug education. (Apr 2011)

Scott Walker - F
Opposes Colorado's legalization of marijuana