Merle Haggard Cannabis Strains Coming to Market




Merle Haggard Cannabis Strains Coming to Market

Pueblo, CO -  August 11, 2016

The Colorado Weed Co. in conjunction with the family of the late great Merle Haggard is proud to welcome a new lineup of connoisseur grade marijuana strains to the Colorado cannabis industry - “Merle's Girls”.

  Merle Haggard with Brian Bennett
Merle Haggard with Brian Bennett
  Merle Haggard with daughter Jenessa
Merle Haggard with daughter Jenessa

After meeting Mr. Haggard in Colorado Springs in 2015, plans began for a collaboration to produce some of Merle's favorites strains.  Merle became an advocate for medicinal cannabis in light of his battle with cancer in 2008.  "I prefer an upper sativa with red hairs....and I think other people would enjoy that, too," he declared.  Sadly, Merle passed away on April 6th this year before he could see his "Girls" flower.

Now with the help of his daughter Jenessa Haggard-Bennett and son-in-law Brian Bennett, the hybrid strains are being developed as a dedication to the country music legend.  One release will include genetics from Merle's preferred strains - the well-known sativa "Blue Dream" and landrace "Acapulco Gold."  Brian had been one of Merle’s growers for the last seven years, and says Merle loved the energy and creativity the sativa strains gave him while playing live.

The initial crop of "Merle's Girls" will introduce four sativa based hybrids. The name refers to a championship girls soccer team that he sponsored.  Individual strains will have names with references recognizable to fans of Merle's music.



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